Film Photography

I took a film photography course in the Spring of 2017 and it was my first time using the film process.

The featured photo is from a series I did entitled “Heritage,” in which I explored my origins, family, and self-identity. I shot the photograph using a black and white Nikon film camera and I stood in front of two projected images. The main projection was the American flag with the Chinese national flag layered on top of it. The photograph was printed on RC glossy paper, size 5×7 in.

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Digital Photography

I took a digital photography course in the Spring of 2018. As an artist and graphic designer, it is also important to have photography and retouching skills, so I am glad I took a course.

My go-to camera is the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I prefer to capture most shots using straight photography with minimal retouching, usually in Camera Raw. I also like to explore conceptual or abstract photography.

The images below are some of my best shots from my 2018 class.

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