Social Campaigns

#SPEAKforYourself by ADA

The goal of my project was to encourage people to share their stories, spread awareness, and end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Project components included a logo, a website created in Wix, social media pages, and an example campaign video. All of the design elements, imagery, and illustrations were of my own creation, with the exception of the Wix template.

The Anxiety & Depression Association (ADA) is an independently run (and unofficial) mental health organization that aims to support, share, and spread awareness. The primary focuses are on anxiety and depression, but we also like to provide support to for any other mental illnesses. We are always available to listen, discuss, and aid.

The ADA #SPEAKforYourself campaign aims to spread the truth of mental health versus the myths. It encourages individuals to share their personal stories of their struggles with mental health. Individuals can share their stories on the website to get their story made into their own unique video. The stories are completely anonymous unless stated otherwise. The campaign tagline is: Share, Learn, Listen. #SPEAKforYourself.

SurfaceLaptop-FlatMockup-byJakubSteplowskisocial media_mockups




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