Starbucks VIA Instant

For the third project in Advanced Ad Design, our team created a series of YouTube pre-roll ads for Starbucks VIA Instant (not actually sponsored or hired by Starbucks.) The guidelines stated that all team members should individually create a video, but the videos should work together as a unified campaign.

Our team had a seasons concept. The main point of the concept was to stress that Starbucks VIA Instant can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The tagline we created was “Anywhere you go.” Drinking the coffee is an experience that now can be taken wherever your journey takes you.

I was in charge of the Winter ad. I also designed the “coffee bean” character that was used in each ad.

This was not my first time using After Effects, but it was my first time doing a full character animation.


Flip Book Animation

This project took 200 note cards and 3 hours of scanning. It was a lot of hard work to hand-draw all these frames, but it ended up being a fun experience. 

The title of my project, “Artist’s Block,” was a very accurate representation of my frustration whilst I worked on the project.

Animation is a process that highly respect. My experiences in creating short animations for my college courses gave me a foundation that I hope to incorporate in future design work.


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